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Take action against blindness

with just a 10-minute eye screening.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Annual eye screening can save your vision.

According to Ministry of Health Singapore, some eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy have no symptoms in their early stages, so you may not know you have a problem until the disease is in its later stage. However, early detection and treatment can slow down or even reverse the progression of eye disease.

Stages of Diabetic retinopathy


Early Stage

Clear Vision

Diabetic Retinopathy shows no visible signs in the early stage. A regular eye exam checkup is the only way to detect it early. 


Mild Stage

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision often mistaken as a sign of myopia. There is also the possibility of mild Diabetic Retinopathy. 


Severe Stage

Dark Spots

At this stage, the retina and vitreous area have been affected and dark spots can be seen floating in your vision.

One Minute Eye Exam

10-Minute Eye Screening

A new, non-invasive eye screening service is now located near you!

Get your eye examined in just 10 minutes. Results in 1 business day.


Find Sight AI participating clinics near you 

Less waiting time and easy accessible. Simply get your annual eye screening with our participating clinics near you. More partners coming soon. 

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10-minute eye screening at the location

 Set an appointment with the clinic before heading down. The eye screening will take less than 10 minutes. Rest assured, no eye drops or air puffs are needed, it is 100% non-invasive. 

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Receive report within 1 business day

Receive your eye screening report via email, graded by a certified grader within 1 business day.


Eye-screening accessible in your neighbourhood

Less time in multiple follow ups and waiting for appointments.
More time for living.

Participating Partners

Sight AI Participating Clinics


Martin Medical Center
Blk 111, Woodlands Street 13,
#01-80, Singapore 730111


(+65) 6269-2446

ATA Med.webp

ATA Medical Clinic (Tanjong Pagar) 
72 Anson Rd, Anson House
#01-02, Singapore 079911


(+65) 8883 8128


Fusion Medical @ Wheelock
501 Orchard Rd
#04-11, Singapore 238880


(+65) 6776 7723

More clinics coming soon

  • What to expect during the eye screening in the clinic? Is it invasive?
    Rest assured, our eye screening is 100% non-invasive! Simply rest your chin in the retina camera station, look straight and leave the rest to us.
  • What diseases can be detected?
    Diabetic retinopathy Diabetic maculopathy Glaucoma suspect Age-related macular degeneration Other ocular conditions
  • How long is the eye screening duration?
    It only takes 10 minutes to conduct your eye screening!
  • Who grades my eye screening?
    Your eye screening report will be graded by professional retinal graders trained to perform precise interpretation of your retinal images.
  • When can I receive my result report?
    You eye health report will be sent via email in 1 business day. You may also request for physical report at the participating clinics.
  • What happens if signs of an eye diseases have been detected?
    You may speak to your doctor for a referral to a network of eye specialists. The report you will receive provides an overall recommendation which expedites the process when seeking treatment at a specialist.
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