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Sight AI Health Risk Assessment System
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In Southeast Asia, over 80% of patients with diabetic retinopathy identified on retinal imaging were unaware of their disease.
Our Solution

Sight AI Health Risk Assessment System

SightAI Health Risk Assessment System is a revolutionary health risk assessment system featuring an accurate, early detection algorithm. Delivering a personalized report that helps doctors better understand a patient's risk of developing health conditions such as Diabetic Retinopathy. Accompanied by a medical professional's recommendation, SightAI Health Risk Assessment System can be used as effective preventive treatment for patients.


High accuracy in detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

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Early detection of diseases for timely treatment


Graded by certified medical professionals

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Fast reports & recommendations


Non-invasive and affordable

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Screening and results in the same appointment, ready within 24 hours. We provide your patients convenient eye screening in their neighbourhood.



Our optical store partners conduct the eye exam with the patients - capturing the fundus images as required

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The fundus images captured are sent instantly to medical professionals for grading.

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Patients receives a comprehensive digital report with recommendations within 24 hours.

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Automatic disease detection with Sight AI Technology

Coming Soon

AI Driven Diagnostics

Enhanced Intelligence. Better Care.

Autonomous and scalable



Instantaneous diagnostic results



Cost-effective for businesses and consumers

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Our Approach

Making eye screening easier and more accessible for early detection and prevention of diseases.

Health & Wellbeing

Sight AI provides and supports Artificial Intelligence Health Risk Assessment System - to enhance the health and wellbeing of every patient and to improve medical diagnosis in healthcare.

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Sight AI Health Risk Assessment System

Our AI technology helps patients detect and identify early chronic diseases or health risks for timely treatment and care. 

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Comprehensive Health Report

A comprehensive health assessment report is generated and available to the patient on multiple platforms. For referable cases, they will be automatically connected to a specialist for timely and more in-depth diagnosis and care.

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Industry App

Key Industries

Reimagine processes, stay ahead and capitalise on business growth opportunities with Sight AI

Optical Stores

Expand your services and increase brand awareness with a comprehensive and non-intrusive eye examination

Insurance Companies

Provide value-added services to your policyholders with an affordable and convenient eye exam as part of the annual health check-up package.

Clinics, Pharmacies

Provide holistic healthcare services, promote health and wellness through regular health screenings.


Greatly reduce healthcare administrative inefficiencies with auxiliary diagnostic suggestions and clinical decision support that leads to timely referrals to specialty doctors.

Be Part of Our Healthcare Ecosystem


Quick Access

Make eye screening accessible to your patients through a broad network of clinics, optical stores and mobile platforms.


Smooth and Seamless User Experience

Smoother scheduling, shorter waiting time, and better patient experience with our easy-to-use platform.


Interactive Data Management

Improved data quality and consistent patient data storage; easily accessible by patients and medical professionals. (4).gif

Connected Referral Pathway

Connect your patients to the right network of doctors for timely referral and recommendations.

Our Partners

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About us

About Us

Sight AI is a medical technology company ​dedicated in promoting & providing high quality medical & health ​screening services. With the use of AI technology and partnerships with hospitals, clinics, ​optical stores, we hope to help potential patients detect and identify early chronic diseases or health risks prior to the onset of overt clinical complications.


Through our comprehensive medical and health network, we provide patients with the right solution and enable timely treatment and care.​ Our AI retina diagnostic technology focuses on screening common eye diseases that cause various chronic and fundus disease complications, irreversible vision impairment and even blindness.

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